Music, light & color

An echo of a musical movement is visualized by a combination of light, color and suggestive lines. I experience my images as extensions and expansions of the lines along which my world is moving. It is like a secret network, which can be traveled freely with underlying floating color fields and rhythms in a melodic atmosphere. Looking and wondering go along with the possibilities of aesthetic pleasure, the peacefulness descending upon me and the enjoyment of silent movement.”

Photographer Barbara Lettany seeks her inspiration from music. Defined in space, music can be seen as a dialogue between movement and stillness. Music creates a dialogue with its surroundings and draws its own boundaries on the surfaces within that space.

Photography bundles and steers light waves, whereas music consists of sound waves. They each move through time and space apart with their own frequencies. This wavy movement seems to reflect life’s motion and the world as an accumulation of movements and processes. This process is adapted in her photographs.

Within her own graphology, she transforms her figurative environment into abstract fluent lines of color and light. Space and objects become elusive and nothing is what it seems. The pictures seem sometimes vague, like a phantasm from which new meanings can be offered.

Barbara Lettany was born in 1975 in Belgium. After following courses in sciences she received a scolarship to study in Charlotte, NC (USA). She received MA degrees in Photography, with distinction, from the University Colllege of Art and Design, St. Lukas (Brussels, Belgium) and Cleveland College of Art and Design, (Middlesbrough, England). Barbara also earned a BA in Computer Science from KHM, Mechelen, Belgium (2005) and in 2009 a MA Transmedia (Arts + Media + Design) from the University Colllege of Art and Design, St. Lukas (Brussels, Belgium). Recently Barbara received her degree Expert class Type Design with honors from Plantin-Moretus.

Barbara Lettany is a freelance photographer, graphic designer, webdesigner and art director at Xclusief.

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